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Shimin drabble again

Whatever to make Cass write more :D lol

Title: Sleeping Beauty (lol lame)
Pairing: ShiwonxSungmin
Raiting: PG
From the Sungmin's quote of September (?) S Magazine interview.
(but DO NOT "first!" me, bitch!)

He hated it.

He hated how Shiwon knew exactly when Sungmin should be fast asleep, waiting long enough to torture as time seemed to stretch on forever, making it easy for his eyes to drop closed from a futile attempt at counting ceiling spots. Sungmin wanted to say up and catch him so bad, to see the look on his face and evil little acitivites he could coax his dongsaeng into.

Yes, it would've been perfect, except Shiwon was too paranoid and careful to let himself be caught.

Simba was out in the living room killing time with Pinocchio, wearing the boy out in a genius plan so that he'd pass out asleep and end up not caring what Shiwon would do to the other in the neighbouring bed. What better way to do that by wrestling and tickle attacks? What finally did Donghae in was the quiet movie afterwards, crashing hard into a deep sleep on Shiwon's lap, didn't help that he massaged the boy's back and scalp. Taking his time, strong arms carried the limp body to bed, tucking him in with a final kiss on the forehead.

Perfect timing.
Sungmin was already curled up in his pillow, cute, pouty lips just slightly open with a foot hanging over the mattress and slipped out from under the covers. Shiwon couldn't help but smile, those little toes were always so cute, keeping himself restrained from wanting to touch them. He sometimes disliked how Sungmin wrapped himself around a pillow, face down, it made it harder for him to play Prince Charming before running away.

Gently, he rolled Sungmin onto his back and kept a hand cupped on one cheek, holding the head there. The noble prince memorized the sweet face of his sleeping beauty before leaning in for a short, soft kiss and a whisper only for his pumpkin's ears.

Next morning, Sungmin was able to wake. However, he was just a few good hours too late and the sun was already peeking out from the blinds. He let out a low, whiny groan, trying not to lose himself in a dangerous fit enough to wake the whole building. Fingers ghosted along his lips, he could still feel just a faint tingle of having been kissed, and closed his eyes to imagine the press of Shiwon's lips.
As alone and sad he was those mornings, he still felt the love and wanting he always longs for. Sungmin clenched his pillow tight, hiding his big smile from no one with a quiet confession,

"I hate you, Shiwonnie."
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