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All Night Long

Let the music play, dance the night away

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Fan Writings & Misc
This comm is just a compilation archive for jangmi, heechul, binkikitty, gomdori, lille_bean, aisutenshi, meeselovetuna, knockdown & chanbanana to put up fics or whatever the hell we feel like, retarded or gay things.

You don't like it, well that's just tuff shits for you, leave then.

Only we can post since this isn't quite a public comm, if you want part of this circle you'll pretty much have to get the approval of all of us.

You can join to watch, comment, & read, but don't ask us to post on any other communities please. Some of us don't want to share outside of this comm, and those of us that do are already 2 steps ahead of you.

Thanks~ ♥

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