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Eeteuk's PoV

“Don't be so surprised, Sungmin-ah.” Eeteuk sighs, leaning forward with his elbows on the tabletop, hands cupped around his favorite blue coffee mug, lips pressed softly against the rim. “I didn't want to say anything, I thought you would have realized it by now.” He pauses, knowing it will need a moment to settle, and when Sungmin's shoulders slump against the back of his chair in that heavy, pained sort of way, he reminds himself that it has to be done; it's for his own good.

“You know, those two...” Slowly, he follows Sungmin's gaze toward the living room where Siwon has made a nest of pillows and blankets on the couch, and Heechul has curled cozily into his side beneath the arm curled protectively around his shoulders. “They're not perfect together, but they make a lot of sense, don't they?”

Sungmin takes a shallow breath and drops his gaze to the thin silver bracelet dangling off his wrist, a small token of Siwon's infatuation Eeteuk remembers Sungmin confiding to him about months ago. He tries to count all the times he's caught the boy playing with it, tangling his fingers in it gently with that soft smile that was so very different from any of the other ones; the smile he only saves for Siwon – and yes, yes, this is for his own good.

“Min-ah.” He sets his mug on the table and twists in his chair slightly, pressing the pads of his fingers against the blond haired boy's jaw – cold, he must not have been eating well lately – and gently lifts his head until he finds those watery onyx eyes. Ignores their silent plea for mercy. “They make better sense.” Than you two do. “Don't hold him back anymore, Min-ah.” And don't cry for what would have never lasted. “Let him go.”

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