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Christmas Glitter

A semi-smutty Christmas fic.

Shimin. I can't help it. It's an addiction.


One soft quivering gasp as he opens his eyes, and the rubies, golds, emeralds twinkling from where they're buried between pine needles blind him until he can no longer stand to look at them, lids falling shut. Siwon mouthes his throat with warm, swollen lips, and as he spreads Sungmin's legs to make room for his body, the blanket slips from over them in a whisper and Sungmin sighs against his ear to feel the cold draft on his thighs. It always hurts even when it feels good – he just wishes his body wouldn't tense up like that because it brings that apologetic, worried look to Siwon's eyes that makes his chest ache – but Sungmin's learned to feel, and that's all it takes for him to forget the initial sting and burn. He starts at the wrists on either side of his shoulders against the blankets piled beneath them, up over the smooth skin under his forearms, cups and squeezes the roughened elbows, then further, all the way kneading the muscles rippling beneath his fingertips. Sometimes he'll venture down the hard muscles on Siwon's chest and abs, but tonight the exploration ends with Sungmin's arms around wrapped tightly around Siwon's neck as he meets the steady rhythm of his thrusts with an eager roll of his hips and the whimpers Siwon silences with a kiss, if only to keep him for waking the members.

It hurts even though the pillow is positioned just right beneath his neck, and Siwon's eyes are glossy and warm on his face, even when Siwon leans into him Sungmin can feel his heart racing against his chest, and everything is perfect; he bites his lip, throws his head back against the pillow and opens wet onyx eyes to the garland and thirteen homemade ornaments hanging off the ends of the branches – his own strategically placed beside Siwon's – and realizes for the first time since debut, with butterflies tickling in his belly, that he's happy.

Sweat glistening over his brow, Siwon fans his fingers across his thigh, anchors him to their nest of pillows and blankets and leftover wrapping paper as if he's afraid he'll vanish he doesn't, and suddenly the pain is gone, everything is as it should be. Sungmin arches his back off their makeshift bed, hissing between his teeth, and finally falls into himself with Siwon's voice ringing in his ears, swallowing his every conscious thought.

You're everything, hyung.

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