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For meeselovetuna because she's a ho. ♥
And I haven't even watched the movie yet, rofl.
(but DO NOT "first!" me, bitch!)


"I'm the most popular, right?"

Assistant and right hand man slightly jumped at the sudden break in silence.
"O-Of course, President. No doubt that you are," was stated nervously, not only afraid of punishment, but it was true. At least that's how Ryeowook felt, there couldn't ever be anyone like Shiwon at all.

"Dancing and martial arts..how can those possibly be more popular than complete control over the student body?" and maybe soon the entire school itself. Shiwon sighed to himself as he muddled that thought about his head in near disgust.

"Heechul-sshi and Kangin-sshi don't have your brilliance, President," Ryeowook assured with a nod, adjusting his glasses while avoiding that stern gaze. All that resulted was a light patting of a large palm up against his cheek in approval with a satisfied smile.

"You have much potential, that is why you're my vice president."

Ryeowook's ace burned from the touch and almost didn't notice Shiwon's silent motion to be followed as the taller boy turned to leave, but quickly forced himself back to reality with a hand to his cheek. He wanted to savor the post tingling sensation, something he knew that it was only him that got this kind of attention from the one and only Choi Shiwon. He didn't care if he went out into the hall looking like he just saw 'a boobie', but his image was reflected upon their president, so Ryeowook forced it down as he walked proudly behind. Though one thing he definately didn't hold back on was giving Shiwon praise at any moment that called for it. So much infact that he annoyed himself into being the least popular boy on campus. Ryeowook could care less, none of them knew the work and devotion he gives everyday to their president, and he wouldn't trade it for anything.


ehhh, maybe kinda rushed lol
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