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KangMin Comic

This comic was made by the brilliant HyukJae Jaebi, which they posted on sjzip. I kind of stole them and translated it... So here it is all of you to enjoy!

Do not take these and post them anywhere... at least without my permission.

- Notes -

+ Min refers to him in the 3rd person. So "Stupid Lee Sung Min." He's talking to him. XD

+ On page 4, the reason why Kang's like "A dog?" when Sungmin calls Hyukkie "Hyukgu" is because people usually name their dogs Hyukgu or something -gu. @_@;; And so that's why Kang instantly assumed that Min was crying over a dog.

+ I don't know how to translate Donghae's satoori (dialect) into English. What he does is he adds guh to the end of sentences. It doesn't really change the meaning but I just wanted to let you guys know. Oh and in the last page, the middle left box, that's Eunhyuk and Hae. Just in case you didn't know.

+ The punishment that Yesung gave Sungmin is basically a flick to the head. It's a really common punishment when you're playing games. Even rock, paper, scissors. Min just told on Ye so Yesungie would get in trouble. XD AHAHA. How adorable.

If you want to see the other ones I translated, there are some KangTeuk that another brillant comic drawer, Ruka, did.

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