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All Night Long [entries|friends|calendar]
All Night Long

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[21 Mar 2008|06:17pm]

[ mood | indifferent ]

These are the two that Sophia wrote back when I wanted to write that hookerverse fic. I deleted that post but I didn't want you to lose what you wrote, so I'm putting them here for now. If you want me to take them down or whatever, just let me know.

5 : Dance

[20 Mar 2008|11:16pm]

[ mood | tired ]

implied shichul, implied shimin


Eeteuk's PoV

1 : Dance

Pink Spider [02 Mar 2008|06:24pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

shimin; R, fluffy smut.
For Sungmin, there's no distinction between sex and music.

5 : Dance

Hang On [24 Feb 2008|05:02pm]

[ mood | creative ]

A conversation between Sungmin and Sungjin.
(hinted Sungmin x OC)

2 : Dance

Christmas Glitter [24 Dec 2007|10:34pm]

[ mood | horny ]

A semi-smutty Christmas fic.

Shimin. I can't help it. It's an addiction.

1 : Dance

One Night in Shanghai [16 Dec 2007|05:34pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Shinhwa fic; Ricsung (Eric x Hyesung)

Fluff/angst; troublemaker!Andy

(Oh, I guess some of you might not know, but Shinhwa held their concert in Shanghai a day or two ago and Hyesung dislocated his leg during.)

2 : Dance

Four Shimin Drabbles [07 Dec 2007|01:32pm]

[ mood | moody ]

For Eve.



3 : Dance

[14 Oct 2007|02:45am]

For jangmi
And it's really really late.
Sorry ^^;; <3

ShihanCollapse )
4 : Dance

A Moment of Doubt and Desperation [01 Oct 2007|10:20pm]

[ mood | sad ]

Short, no real point, no real pairing.
Not proofed.
Sungmin seeks Eeteuk's reassurance.


1 : Dance

ShiWook [20 Sep 2007|07:08pm]

For meeselovetuna because she's a ho. ♥
And I haven't even watched the movie yet, rofl.
(but DO NOT "first!" me, bitch!)


in Flower Boys movie universeCollapse )

ehhh, maybe kinda rushed lol
9 : Dance

Living Up to a Good Name [Shimin] [16 Sep 2007|08:33pm]


I wrote this for Eve a while ago, and she's already read it, but I wanted to post it here in case something happens to my computer and I lose my stuff again.

2 ShiChul Drabbles [05 Sep 2007|08:27pm]

Two mini ShiChul drabbles for heechul because I've been so occupied by ShiMin things lol ♥
(but DO NOT "first!" me, bitch!)

this one is fullfy-ishCollapse )this one is a bit angstyyyCollapse )

5 : Dance

Shimin drabble again [05 Sep 2007|01:52pm]

Whatever to make Cass write more :D lol

Title: Sleeping Beauty (lol lame)
Pairing: ShiwonxSungmin
Raiting: PG
From the Sungmin's quote of September (?) S Magazine interview.
(but DO NOT "first!" me, bitch!)

He hated itCollapse )
15 : Dance

KangMin Comic [31 Aug 2007|09:04am]

This comic was made by the brilliant HyukJae Jaebi, which they posted on sjzip. I kind of stole them and translated it... So here it is all of you to enjoy!

Do not take these and post them anywhere... at least without my permission.

KangMin - Raccoon and Sweet PumpkinCollapse )

If you want to see the other ones I translated, there are some KangTeuk that another brillant comic drawer, Ruka, did.

Ruka's ComicsCollapse )

[04 Aug 2007|12:19am]

Message from LillieCollapse )

And if you haven't seen Cass' message here.

Also, I suck at layout coding T_T
3 : Dance

we love heechul [23 Jul 2007|01:30pm]

title: 요 맨 yomaen (yo man)

yeah this is a real entryCollapse )

[[Drabble - Kibummie]] [26 Jun 2007|05:50am]

I don't know why but Kibummie was on my mind.

The Mind of KibumCollapse )

['nother drabble] Chulmin/Heemin (hinted; angst) [25 Jun 2007|09:41pm]


For Sophia. I hope you like it. D: If not I will try to write another.

3 : Dance

[Drabble?] ShiMin [angst, smut] [25 Jun 2007|05:17pm]


Yay for creative juices. Not proofread kthx.

1 : Dance

-][Drabble][- ShiMin [25 Jun 2007|02:07pm]

HumpsCollapse )
2 : Dance

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